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NEWSFLASH-Upgrading…..the site

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My Dear UPS Man, I LOVE YOU! Please Come Quick!

Today is the day…….my life will change forever…….I made the serious plunge! I can’t wait!


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Watching Life as a Spectator

So it was college acceptance day yesterday and I viewed heart break and joy among my friends and collegues across the nation. Some people posted it on Facebook, others sent emails, some said nothing and others are still waiting.

I saw the destiny of my future unfold as it all played out yesterday.

I watched a couple of parents question what they had done wrong trying to now fix devasted kids.

One asked for advice, and I felt like saying choose plan B. In 4 years, you will look back and say that was the best choice for her. Once the cultural snobbery rubs off and people stop asking about her choice-then she can grow and move forward. Parents sometimes feel that it reflects the job they have done and that isn’t the case. I know totally qualified children who have gone to plan B and been totally successful.

College acceptance is a game of roulette. For the parents, it reflects hard work on their behalf, but equally so, it doesn’t mean your child was a failure if the first choice was denied.

I use my brother as an example. He was denied to med school his first year. He was heartbroken. Now a decade and half later he is a successful surgeon, doing well off in life and profession. The next year he reapplied, married and started down his road.

I can’t believe how much we have grown “academically” as parents since last fall when I was panicking and stressing out about every last class and if in four years my daughter would get accepted at schools of choice.

The biggest lesson I have learned this year is to enjoy the moment. This school year has just cruised by.

When you have young children the days seem so long, on the other end high school- they seem so fast.

We are just really happy with the choices we made this year for schooling for our kids, and I imagine we will take all our children down this route regardless of what they want to do post-education.

It is so fun watching them peel their personality back like an onion layer by layer to find their God given talents.

The beauty of the East Coast is that there are so many wonderful schools all around us. I have tried to expose our kids to as many sneak peaks as possible. As members of our church, most kids just want to go to BYU (where we both went and that is definitely one of our top choices), but I want them to see the options all around them and not feel like their options are limited to one school.

I have grown in one area tremendously. I feel that experiences are just the best thing that you can give your child even more than academics. I am not just talking travel or skiing type things- although those are on my radar too, I am talking life experiences.

As I watch kids evolve into adults, I have paid particular attention to what has made them successful or not and the bottom line is home support, confidence, discipline and love from the parents makes all of the difference in the world. Nothing that we don’t already know.

The final thing is learning to learn- that is something I can’t stress enough and I will blog more about later.

Regardless of where children go post high school that is one of the greatest tools they can take with them. Learning how to learn spiritually and physically will make all of the difference in the world.

So as for now, I will enjoy the high school years, and let the future play out on it’s own. I believe the path that each path is divine and serves a purpose.

I will now just watch the process of friends as a spectator today-feels good to be in the stands!


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Valentine Shots

Man, I have been a lazy blogger lately. I swear I am going to get back into the swing of it. I have just had so many things to attend too.

Here are a couple of Valentine party shots for the younger kids. Unfortunately, my battery wasn’t charged that day and it rarely dies-so I missed a lot of shots, the lighting was horrid and I had a bad lens on…so try to stomach through these bluried shots.

This wasn’t our most monumental Valentines ever- I wasn’t feeling so festive I guess…..I had great expectations of a perfect set table, big nice meal, heart cake, red jello- you know the works. But with Brian out of town until Sunday it just didn’t happen. We came home from church-ate ramen and watched the Olympics. I did get a huge bouquet of roses from the man though…..

These photos were from the school parties for Noah and Lizzy!

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Back to the Basics….That is Where I need to Be

So this is what happens- Mr. Exec goes on a business trip last week, I put the kids to bed….and then it is just me and my imagination going wild.

I tend to define, over-analyze, re-do and re-think about every stage of my life. See that is what time and a little peace and quiet can do for you.

Basically I decided that it is time to get back to basics. Yep, time for another get back to basic speech- by me!

Here are the basics-

Rethinking My Diet-
Sure I loved my little venture to the wild side of eating eggs, bacon and cheeseburgers. but that can’t last forever and my lazy body that has taken a 9 month hiatus is ready to kick back into a game plan….So I set a gym date time with myself everyday this week. Because that is the secret people…you will have not have success-unless you do it at a set-time everyday and currently I have a testimony of not having success with this.

I spend a lot of time with my kids….but I am going for quality not quantity this week. Just have to…every little thing lately, reminds me that time is ticking and soon they will be out the door.

I can’t complain…he treats me right….and I love it! He gives me just the right amount of space to fly on my own wings…and all the encouragement to dream all of my crazy dreams, and then continues to have the courage to let me do most of them. Man, he was blessed with patience. Happy Valentines Day—–

I had a major setback Tuesday after one of the weddings cancelled that booked on Monday. I still just don’t know how I feel about the Bridal thing. These women are up and they are down, in and out-canceling and postponing. You can’t get a straight answer. I couldn’t wait to get out and shoot the news this week….You take the photo, meet a few people and leave. No commitment. Who would have known?

I just got the A-O.K. to start shooting sports from the Sports Editor of my paper. I can shoot any sports event now and submit. I am so excited I could scream. One thing I like about the PJ job is that you get to visit about any event you want to go too. Like the press pass idea……

I have decided that although Nikon didn’t announce a new camera this week as predicted, I am buying the D700 with no regrets and the 70-200 F 2.8 lens this week. Rumor has it -an upgrade may come out it mid-summer….but I have had it with waiting and wanting. I just have to move forward- and I assume, that if I ever need a second body, then the d700 will be the backup and what a backup that will be. It is absolutely one of the smoothest cameras Nikon has produced. Breathe everyone……. The lens alone is more expensive then the camera, and with F2.8 the photos will rock! With an F2.8 you can shoot sports and action with total ease.

Business is good- I have a $20,000 corporate vacation (should get it- it is my cousins) and a $12,000 dollar deal (new client) I have to close this week….cross your fingers, The 12,000 dollar deal is to South America for a couple in LAX…Still after 20 years, I have to ask myself- who has the money to drop down for that and why are we not married? Who cares if you are 62! 🙂

Exhausted right now…..I have had enough of thinking lately, and now I am going to take a month off of thinking and start doing. I want to just do the basics now, and move forward. At this point, I don’t care if another door slams in my face, another editor rejects my stuff, or if another kid ignores me. I am just going back to the basics (and that includes getting my cleaning lady back that I have let go 4 times The place is a disaster!)

I made a new schedule today, a new bedtime routine….and now I am going to fall asleep….God Bless You All today!


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Behind the Lens

Wow I have never taken a blogging break…but gees if your computer isn’t working you have too. Good thing we got this baby up and going and we are back in business.

So where have I been hiding-
I have been photographing lots of events this week for the paper and some fun stuff too. Tomorrow I should have the Valentines pics up-

I photographed this play at the middle school

and caught these two cuties ice skating on the pond.

and attended this event with the US senate hopeful-
By the way, this photo made front page Friday morning along with it’s story.

I photographed this assignment for the paper- I just really like this photo for some reason.

and I photographed a ton of valentines…..Can’t wait to show you!

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